Three Gardening Tips Only Your Grandparents Will Know Of

Back in the day, when most people worked the land, there must have been a wealth of knowledge that modern gardeners could still make use of. Perhaps you remember building a chicken coop with your grandparents or feeding the pigs? While farms and homesteads are not as common anymore, some of the tricks used back then are still relevant and useful today.

Cigarettes and Beer

For an effective anti fungal, pesticide spray simply soak cigarette tobacco in water, at a rate of roughly five cigarettes to a gallon of water. Filter the liquid into a spray bottle and use on any non food plants. Of course, cigarette butts can be used rather than full cigarettes, in order to save cash. This cheap and easy spray is sure to keep disease and pests at bay. Be sure to re-spray after each rainfall for the best results. Beer is excellent for Hollyhocks and a bottle or can poured into the surrounding soil from time to time is all they need. Beer can also be used to trap and drown slugs. Simply pour around the plants you want to protect. You can even make a moat!

Ash and Salts

Wood fire ash, sprinkled around your fruit trees in fall and winter, will produce sweeter, worm free fruit. Ash is also great for lilacs. Again, sprinkle it around the plants and just wait for them to bloom! Just don’t put too much down and avoid using on plants that favor acidic soil.

Mix a tablespoon of Epsom salts in a spray bottle with water and apply to tomatoes and peppers to increase the amount of fruits produced. Also, sprinkle and scratch Epsom salts into the soil around rose bushes to improve strength and size.

Carrots to Prevent Pests

For anyone who grows carrots, it’s worth leaving a few in the ground when it comes to harvesting them. Leave them dormant over winter and they will bloom into carrot flowers in spring. Not only do these look great, but they also attract all the good bugs to your garden, keeping the bad ones at bay!