Save Your Crops and the Earth too

Let’s take a look at natural insecticides you can easily make at home to keep your garden safe without compromising the natural ecosystem. You might be surprised to hear that vegetable oil and soap have the ability to fend off unwanted creatures in your garden!

If you mix a vegetable oil with a mild soap, some unwanted visitors such as aphids, mites, and thrips will stay away from your spinach. Just mix one cup of vegetable oil with a tablespoon of soap and shake it vigorously to mix it together really well. Keep this to the side and whenever you need to apply some of your homemade insecticide you grab a couple of teaspoons of your mix to a quart of water in a spray bottle and spray on the surfaces you want to protect. It works because the vegetable oil suffocates the insects because it gets stuck on them and it blocks the pores that they are breathing through.

You can also skip the vegetable oil and mix some mild liquid soap with water to get rid of mites, aphids, whiteflies, and beetles, to name a few. Separate your natural insecticides by putting labels on your bottles and cans to keep track on what’s what. You can actually make custom stickers online with your own images or text and choose the shape, size, and look of your stickers to make it extra fun! It is easier to stay organised when you have some pretty stickers to play around with.