Making Your Own Super Compost

Fertilizing poor soil is essential for decent plant and crop growth. There are several ready made specific products you can buy, but this can become an expensive habit. With a little planning, anyone can make an excellent fertilizer that is sure to get their plants going.

For some gardens, a good compost may be all you need to give your plants the necessary boost. It’s so incredibly easy to make (and free!) that every gardener should have a compost pile. Simply throw your organic waste into the heap and allow it to break down. Turn it regularly to mix it up a bit.

The following can be used independently or put onto the compost heap.

  • Used coffee grounds: Best to let dry, as they can mould when wet. Can be scattered around plants that favor an acidic soil.
  • Egg shells: Full of calcium, the soil benefits form a scattering of finely crushed egg shells every now and then.
  • Fish bones, guts, and so on: Full of goodness, these are best composted.
  • Gelatin: Dissolved into water and applied to soil once a month for a nitrogen boost.
  • Cooking water: Lots of nutrients escape into the water while cooking. Let it cool and add to your soil.
  • Grass cuttings and garden trimmings.
  • Vegetable and fruit peels: Bananas are particularly good and full of potassium.
  • Hair: Human, dog, cat, horse, all is good and adds nitrogen to the soil.
  • Aquarium water: The fish waste is packed full of nutrients. This can be used to water plants directly.
  • Wood ash: Great for sprinkling around plants that enjoy an alkaline soil, ash is packed full of potassium and calcium. Avoid charcoal and lighter fluid, though!
  • Green tea bags: Water your plants with a weak green tea once a month.
  • Human waste: Urine can be added to the garden whenever nature calls or create an outdoor toilet to collect your waste and turn it into something useful.
  • Animal manure (obviously!).

With so many great ingredients for compost, you may find you’ll be throwing less away – a further advantage, come to think of it!