How to Go Green in The City

Gardening is no longer a rural pastime. Whether you’re living in the city or country, you can always find somewhere to grow something. More and more urban residents are swapping the TV remote for a trowel in their spare time. But how can you go about creating your own green space in the city?

What Do You Really Need?

The one element needed to join the ranks of urban gardeners is an area that enjoys at least six hours of sunlight a day. Space is the main concern of many urban gardeners, but size isn’t everything. Anything from a windowsill or balcony, to a rooftop will work. Of course, the size of the space you have determines how much you can grow, but there are ways to use your space more efficiently. You will also need some containers, a small trowel and a watering can. Ensure your containers are able to drain excess liquid and be sure to water your plants regularly.

Ideal Plants

Certain plants thrive in urban gardens and can be grown successfully in minimal conditions.

  • Tomatoes: These enjoy a larger pot to accommodate their large root system. Certain varieties grow well in hanging baskets.
  • Herbs: Quick and easy to grow, and they don’t need a particularly big pot.
  • Leafy vegetables: Spinach, Lettuce and Chard can all be grown easily in smaller pots. They grow fairly quickly as well, keeping you stocked up on salad-y goodness.
  • Potatoes: Grown in sacks or soil bags to save space, you can get a fairly large harvest from just one sack.
  • Beans and Peas: As well as other climbing plants can be trained to grow exactly where you want them. They look good framing a window or door! Pea shoots are also lovely in a salad.
  • Carrots and Radish: These crunchy root vegetables come in many varieties and can be grown in fairly small pots. If you’re really tight on space, look for baby varieties.
  • Peppers: A very hardy, easy to grow plant, comes in many different types.