Gardening Like a Techie

If you have a large (-ish) garden, you may want to keep track of things. Or perhaps you have a partner who’s really into measuring and analyzing? Why not make use of that interest to try to improve your gardening?

Because, in the end, what we want is a lush, thriving garden, providing great crops, right?

Marketing Tools – Good For More Than Marketing

Marketing tools today are not only used for marketing. Most of them also contain a data analysis part, as well as a display tool. By employing data studio dashboard for the different areas of your garden, you can get a visual display of how the various parameters such as water, temperature and fertilizer impact the outcome and size of your crops.

Online Marketing

If you produce more than you can take care of yourself, you can also use a marketing tool to find customers for your excess produce.

More and more people today are very interested in buying locally produced products, even in smaller quantities. With a large part of our daily lives moving online, finding and targeting those potential customers is just a click away.

Social Media

Using social media such as Instagram or Facebook is a great way of displaying your work, your produce and your gardening. By showing what you do, you’ll enable interested followers to interact with you and learn more about you and your garden.

A personal relationship with the gardener will increase the customers willingness to buy your goods.