Design Your Dream Garden

May is a busy time for all gardeners. This is the month when we prepare the flowering to come, sowing our seeds and making everything ready and nutritious to make sure that everything can thrive as it should. 

But at the same time, there is nothing stopping us from dreaming. And what better things to dream about than gardening? By starting to plan already now for the coming years of gardening, you can put a long-term plan in order and create the garden of your dreams. 

Make a Drawing

Start with making a drawing. Put some effort into it, and make it more than just a sketch on the back of a napkin. Print stickers to label the different areas or rooms and any flower beds. 

Here you’ll need to really think about how you use your garden and how you’d like to use it. Creating different rooms with different feelings to them is a classic way of making the garden more interesting.  

Adapt To Nature

When designing your garden, you will need to adapt to the actual conditions. Check how the sun is moving throughout the days. Note areas where you have lots of sunshine and where there is less. 

Soil can be enhanced, so that is less of a barrier than for example temperature. Measure the temperature daily to get to know your garden better. All facts will help you in creating your dream garden. If you don’t have tropic temperatures, planning for a tropic garden will not turn out a dream, but a nightmare and a source of distress.