Create Your Own Backyard Plant Nursery Business

Do you ever feel like packing in that dead end job and doing something that you love to earn a living? For the avid, part time gardener, a plant nursery could be the way to go. Growing and tending to plants all day and getting paid for it sounds like a gardener’s dream. So how do you make it happen?

Understand How It Works

First it’s important to go into such a venture with your eyes open. There are some things you must be aware of.

  • You must love plants!
  • It will take time!
  • You must not expect to make a lot of money!

Creating your own nursery is going to be hard work and certainly not a get rich quick scheme.

Have a Plan

The best way to create a successful nursery is to plan what your product will be. Be sure the plants you’re thinking about growing are legal (some are protected, others, mostly invasive species, are prohibited). Also be sure that you’re legally allowed to grow and sell plants on your land.

Successful nurseries are able to offer people something they want but cannot get anywhere else. Choose your plants wisely!

Get Up to Scratch

Before you consider selling your plants, ensure they’re good enough to buy. They need to be at the same standard that you would expect to buy them from in the garden center. Consistency is also important. Is your garden able to produce great plants no matter the weather? A greenhouse is essential to ensure stability.

Build Up

It’s not the best idea to abandon everything to start your dream nursery. Remember it will take time to set everything up and to grow your plants. Start small, gently nurture your plants in your spare time and sell them locally at weekends. As you settle into a groove, consider promoting your plants on a wider scale. As demand increases, your nursery can slowly become your main source of income, while your old job can take a back burner.