Are You a Dahlia Lover?

Then you already know that those bulbs require a little extra love and care, but oh how they repay you! If you have not yet fallen for these lovely beauties, you should give it a go. They are not particularly difficult to grow and they will turn your garden into a flowering heaven during all of summer. 

Winter Storage for Your Bulbs

Even if Dahlias are easy enough to grow, they need to come out of the soil during winter. This makes for some extra work, but the hardest part is really keeping them in order and knowing which variety you put where. 

But not any more! During this winter rest we challenge you to sort your storage! By making your own stickers you can personalize the labels and not only know exactly where you put your beauties but also you will know which varieties you actually have. 

Get Those Bulbs

Knowing which varieties you already have is important as most Dahlia growers will be totally taken with the flowers and will want to order lots of new varieties every winter. 

And winter, that’s now. So get right to it, because the most popular varieties tend to sell out really quickly. Browse the internet for pictures if you haven’t already set your mind on something in particular. 

MIx and Match?

Dahlias can be found in almost any color and shape, so it is easy to get carried away. Decide if you want a rainbow flowerbed or if you prefer to keep it to one or two colors, and then stick to your choices.